Rolls Royce Phantom – pure luxury

The Rolls Royce Phantom was first launched in 1925 and is hailed as one of the world’s most luxurious cars that is also steeped in history. The 1925 model being the Rolls Royce Phantom 1, with the latest model being the 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe.

Although Rolls Royce is known for being a very British company it was bought by BMW in 1998. However production of the cherished Phantom is still mostly within the UK, at plants in Chichester and Goodwood. Most of the body of the car nowadays is aluminium with a very modern design but keeping to the traditions and classic Rolls Royce features.  For example, the rear passenger doors with the Phantom open the opposite way as you would expect a normal 4 door saloon. These are more commonly referred to as suicide doors, or by Rolls Royce themselves, coach style doors. The doors are closed electronically from within and for safety automatically lock once the car is in motion.

A beautiful car throughout it’s interior and mechanics and what a prestigious vehicle to drive. Buyers get to choose from 40000 different colours and unlimited interior add ons for extra luxury……expect to pay over $300k if you want a new one yourself though! But with only around 5000 of each model normally sold you know you are buying a future classic motor so if well maintained then not such a bad investment. If $300k is loose change to you! Class motor.

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