Ford Focus ST – still a top hatchback

The Ford Focus ST 2017 model is pretty much unchanged from the previous model. People are in the car industry know that consumers can be fickle about new models being indifferent from their predecessors but don’t write this new model off yet. The high end versions of this car have 4 doors for practicality.

Internally the Focus ST is extremely comfortable and is decked out impressively, with top end materials. It also features the 8 inch touchscreen of the very user friendly Sync 3 system. The only negative regarding the interior is the legroom in the rear of the motor. Although some critics may point this out, it doesn’t seem to be deterring the buyers.

The 6 speed manual transmission throws out 250 plus horsepower, via its 2 litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine. The cars competition seems to be the Mini Cooper, the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Honda Civic Type R. If the legroom in the rear seats of this motor are an issue, Honda is where you want to be looking. If customisation is your thing, then the Mini Cooper.

The Focus ST 2017, although with limited upgrades from the previous model, will still sell well, as it is practical, for weekday standard usage as well as weekend fun.It’s very cool looking inside and has great fuel economy. This motor will certainly be fun and exciting to drive, even though it is an ageing model. As stated the negative is the rear legroom, plus also it’s only available with a manual transmission. With a price tag of around $27000, it is still very competitive, in it’s field.

Ford Focus ST