Ford Fiesta – Best Selling Car 2016

Hello folks! Welcome back to my vehicles and motors blog! So yeah, I am a bit of a Ford fan boy. Following on from yesterdays post about the Focus, I have got a fresh post for you today on its little brother, the Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta has been the United Kingdom’s favourite all rounder for decades  and it still easily outsells all other makes and models on a monthly basis. When you look at what it offers in terms of value for money it is no surprise. Although not cheap, it is certainly one hell of a bargain package when compared to other cars of its elk.

Referred to in motoring circles as a “supermini”, the Fiesta is certainly a leader in its class with polished styling, fine-driving and an extremely efficient yet powerful engine. Ranging from £12,190 – £22,710, the Fiesta is within the budget of many new car buyers and can be obtained through some very attractive finance deals! Plus you have only got to look at the average resale value of a Fiesta on the motor trader and auction websites to see how well they hold their value over the medium term. I certainly would be giving this capable yet compact motor serious consideration if I were in the market for a new car, it is as simple as that. And if you were impressed by yesterday’s Focus ST post, you’ll be happy to know that there is always a Fiesta ST, for all those of you who like your go faster stripes! Be sure to check it out!Anyway folks,  that is all from me for today. I will be back real soon with another vehicle related post. I’m not sure on what yet but rest assured that you are going to love it! Speak soon!

ford fiesta