Ford Bronco

Hey there folks, hope you all are doing well. I am doing great, not only am i writing on my motors and vehicles blog but I also managed to find an amazing deal on a Ford Bronco on the other day! Can you believe it? I thought these SUVs had all but died out, yet here I have a fully functioning one in my driveway. Well, the engine belt needs replacing. And there seems to be a pinyon leak. Plus the carburetor is making some weird noises. But other than that it works perfectly! So perfectly, that I decided to talk her about the amazing Ford Bronco, and give y’all a little review of what in my mind is a beautiful machine.

Ford Bronco

History of the Bronco

Until some point in the mid nineties, the Ford Bronco was well known for being a rough and tough, tumbling around all terrain SUV. An SUV that had been running up muddy streams and crawling over loose hills with a breeze since the sixties. It was actually one of the very first Sports Utility Vehicles(SUV) which was actually a term coined by and described by Ford. Their description was a versatile truck then described by Ford as being able to “serve as a family sedan, sports roadster, snowplow or farm and civil defense vehicle.”


Ford Bronco

Changing to Today

The original Bronco was made from 1966 to 1977 and was essentially a compact two door SUV that worked best on whilst off roading, like a Jeep. The drawback of the original however was its inability to do any towing. By the mid seventies the Chevy Blazer hit the market, and pushed the Bronco even further back. This resulted in Ford bulking up to Bronco, much to the dismay of the fans of the simple style, more Focus like style.

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More Current Models

Unlike most off roading vehicles, the Ford Bronco was definitely designed as a truck that does off roading instead of being a new beast bred specifically for the task. It featured a simple door door cabin, with a fiberglass shell covering the box of the vehicle that could be removed with a considerable amount of force and effort. The final refresh was in 1992, with the Bronco receiving a new metal grille and a more rounded front end to reduce drag.

Versions through the Years

The 1992 Bronco was available in 3 versions; the base( known originally as Custom then simply as XL), as well as the XLT model and even a special edition Eddie Bauer model. In 1992 they also had a special Nite version that was the XLT model will all midnight black trim and body. These models used the 4.9 litre inline 6 with a nice 145 BHP and 265 pounds per feet of torque. Standard was the 5 speed manual transmission, but it was also available in four speed automatic drive.

The Juice

If you’re from North America you already know what I am talking about. I am talking about the now infamous OJ SImpson chase, with Simpson trying to evading the police very slowly while riding shotgun in his friends white Ford Bronco. Other than showing that the Bronco is terrible for evading the police, this chase put the Bronco forever in American culture. Sure, it’s not a Delorean or an Orange Dodge Charger but as anyone who owns a late model white Bronco knows the remarks you will get.


Believe it or not, there was actually a Ford Bronco racing team assembled by Bill Stroppe in 1965 for long range off roading. This team competed in the Mint 400, the Baja 500 and the Baja 1000( at that point the Mexican 1000). The team was rebuilt in 1969 to again enter the Baja 1000, and 2 years later a special Baja Bronco was introduced and marketed through dealerships, offering quick ratio power steering, automatic transmission, a roll bar, fender flares covering big Gates Commandos tires, a padded steering wheel, reinforced bumpers and even a very nice red, white, blue and black paint job. The Baja was priced very high for the time, at $5,566 compared to the normal Bronco that was selling for $3,665. This resulted in very, very low sales.

Ford Bronco for the Future

It was recently discovered via some rumors that the iconic SUV will be returning, and that production is set to start again in 2018. So far there is no word on the actual vehicle itself, all we know is that the Bronco badge will be affixed onto some Ford SUV, although anyone following SUVs lately will expect this Bronco to be a fierce competitor to the Jeep Wrangler. Surprisingly, it was actually because of now President Donald Trump that we know about this amazing return.
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Ford Bronco
Hope you guys like the history of the Bronco, see you next week.